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William Heikkinen Providence Rhode Island: Heat and Play

Now that summer is just a few weeks away, one concern that many parents and coaches have, including William Heikkinen of Providence RI, is the potential hazards of staying out in the heat too long. Along with basic football lessons from Will Heikkinen Brown Football, parents can trust that the safety of youth athletes is [...]

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Will Heikkinen Rhode Island: The Importance of H2O

Are you in search of healthier alternatives to sports drinks to keep your children hydrated during and after sports activities? Will Heikkinen Massachusetts: Top Benefits of Hydration As you may already know, good hydration helps to: Regulate Body Temperature Prevent Overheating During Intense Workouts Improve Muscle Performance In youth sports, hydration helps to keep the [...]

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Football News Roundup from Will Heikkinen – Sports Therapist

Legendary Rhode Island and Brown University sports trainer, William Heikkinen, likes to stay ahead of the game – not only on the field – but off the field too. In his latest weekly readings, the following news was unearthed: New Medical Test for Concussions According to the National Athletic Collegiate Association, concussions account for roughly [...]

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