Football News Roundup from Will Heikkinen – Sports Therapist

//Football News Roundup from Will Heikkinen – Sports Therapist

Legendary Rhode Island and Brown University sports trainer, William Heikkinen, likes to stay ahead of the game – not only on the field – but off the field too.

In his latest weekly readings, the following news was unearthed:

New Medical Test for Concussions

According to the National Athletic Collegiate Association, concussions account for roughly 7% of all college sports injuries. In layman’s terms, a concussion is described as when a player suffers a traumatic blow to the head. The extent of the injury can range from mild to severe.

Footballers typically understand the risks associated with this line of sports. And most are told to push through the pain and injury – despite doctors’ warnings.

As sports medicine continues to advance and new tools are discovered to better treat and manage concussions, however, we now know that it is critical to take time off and rest after a head injury.

Pushing the Limits of What Medicine Can Do

Football players also know that missing a whole season of play can be detrimental to their career.

To prevent misdiagnoses, a revolutionary new blood test could provide answers.

As William Heikkinen – Sports Trainer read through this article from Futurism Magazine, his blood was pumped with excitement and relief. Relief that one day – and someday soon, serious concussions can be detected faster than ever with a simple blood test – compared to costly and time-consuming MRI screenings.

The test works by weighing UCH-L1 and GFPA, which are the prototypical proteins sent out by the brain following an injury.

With this new test, lack of concussion recognition may soon be a thing of the past – keeping players healthier and alive.

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