William Heineken – Sports Trainer: How to Keep Your Mind Sharp This Summer

//William Heineken – Sports Trainer: How to Keep Your Mind Sharp This Summer

Summer is officially in full swing and if you’ve been waiting the whole year to get a break from college life – you deserve it!

Many students, however, fear losing their sense of focus during summer breaks.

There’s an easy fix:

Whether you’re working, interning, or just kicking back at the beach all summer long, one thing you can do to keep your mind sharp during breaks is reading.

To keep it interesting, choose books that catch your attention. Or, if you’re struggling with book titles to choose, head to your in-town Barnes and Nobles bookshop where you will find the hottest reads of the summer.

What William Heikkinen Likes and Dislikes

Will Heikkinen Brown Football is a college student who loves visiting the local library in town. Free books are available as well as magazines and comics.

William Heikkinen Providence Rhode Island: Shares More Tips for College Summer Breaks

Stay on top of your game with these extra suggestions from William Heikkinen Brown University:

  • Puzzles – Up Challenge Levels Occasionally
  • Sleep – Don’t Underestimate the Power of Rest
  • Explore – Break Free from Your Comfort Zone and Travel to New Places

Will Heineken – Sports Therapist Suggests: Don’t Go Overboard with Studying and Reading

For industrious students, it’s tempting to cram in as much study time as possible – even while on summer break.

But college is a great time to learn about striking the right balance in life.

If you’re burnt out at the end of summer, this will most likely affect your performance for the upcoming school year.

So, take it easy – without the total brain drain.

Opt for one or two books per week, for example, depending on your schedule – and energy. You’ll learn something new and keep your brain sharp in the process, says Will Heikkinen Providence Rhode Island.

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