William Heikkinen Brown Tips: How to Win at College

//William Heikkinen Brown Tips: How to Win at College

For most students across the country, the summer holidays are over and school is now in session.

To help you get back into the swing of college life after this short break, William Heikkinen has curated some go-to tips to consider:

  1. Set a Schedule and Keep It – Striking the right balance in college is the key to academic success. To better manage your time, consider setting a schedule. William Heikkinen Providence RI additionally recommends allotting free time for play and socialization.
  1. Take Care of Your Health – Speaking from experience, William Heikkinen Brown says that when you feel great, you perform better all around. As a result, he suggests paying keen attention to your sleep, meal, and exercise patterns.
  1. Find a Distraction-Free Zone – If you study and work better alone, test out distraction free zones on campus, such as the library for example.
  1. Group Together – In addition to finding time to work alone in a distraction-free area, many college coaches and professors such as Will Heikkinen Rhode Island place an emphasis on teamwork. Group studies help to foster problem-solving skills, a key feature most employers look for when hiring college graduates.
  1. Do a Little Every Day – Many college students get overwhelmed by the number of tasks that need to be accomplished. Will Heikkinen Brown, however, tells most of his students to pace themselves, whether this is on the field or in the classroom. Break down big assignments into smaller tasks. More importantly, do a little every day until it gets done. This way, you avoid the burnout and ultimately achieve your goals.

Want to Win Even More At College?
Keep an eye out for more life lessons from Will Heikkinen Providence Rhode Island, a top-ranking football coach in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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