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Andover, Massachusetts is a fairly affluent town. Growing up here was a great experience for William Heikkinen and his younger sister and younger brother. Their family is an active one enjoying sports of all kinds.

This means that starting young, William began playing all types of sports starting with Little League baseball. He was small, barely taller than the bat at the time, but he enjoyed the competition and fun that team sports allowed and his parents enjoyed watching their young son develop.

In the eighth grade William Heikkinen began his football career never thinking about how far it might take him. His football team picture shows his right arm in a protective device he had to wear after elbow surgery. It was no biggie for William.

During his three years at Andover High School, William was on the Honor Roll every year. He began getting really good at football as his skill had been developed over years of practice and commitment. Of course, this made Heikkinen a sure bet for colleges recruiting for football players.

Once an Ivy League school contacted him, William stepped up his academic standards even more, pushing himself to be better at football and academics. Not long after, more Ivy League schools reached out to Heikkinen. He was described by a fellow football player as “a tremendous player, he’s a Division 1, 1A talent.”

After years of study, practice, commitment, and training, William’s skills in sports and academics made him a stand out and he became a role model for high school students playing sports. Keep your eye on the ball and you will make it.