Will Heikkinen Goes On to the Ivy League

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After all the attention from colleges, several Ivy Leagues included, William Heikkinen felt the pull of Brown University as so many other Andover High football players had in the past. When it comes to academics, Brown is a very good choice – not only is it part of the Ivy Leagues it is also the seventh oldest college in the United States. The university ensures exceptional teaching by holding its professors to the highest academic standards.

Providence, Rhode Island is the home of Brown University and provides a historic location with a lot to see and do. Since Heikkinen was born and raised in Andover, Massachusetts, the school is far enough away to provide freedom, but still within driving distance to go home on the weekends.

Brown’s athletic program is top notch. The Brown Bears compete at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics; the NCAA Division I. Brown has the country’s fourth largest collegiate athletic program, and their athletes are high-achieving students who are active in various areas of campus life – not just their chosen sport.

Taking this into consideration, it is easy to see why William Heikkinen chose Brown for his college education and his football career. Playing sports in college, especially an Ivy League college is an ideal way to prepare for the future. Most employers realize that sports breed a competitive mindset, better time management, and the ability to communicate within a team. All these qualities are beneficial for business success.

Choosing Brown University puts Heikkinen in very good company. He follows several great football players who went from Andover High to Brown. The list includes: James Perry, Bill O’Brien, Andy Coke, as well as Bobby, Mark, Paul and Buddy Farnham, Brendan and Neil Finneran.