Will Heikkinen of Brown University Looks at Nike’s Gamble

//Will Heikkinen of Brown University Looks at Nike’s Gamble

William Heikkinen Brown learned this morning that Nike made a huge gamble to use Colin Kaepernick as the new face of its “Just Do It” anniversary campaign.

This new move by Nike is without a doubt controversial, because Colin Kaepernick is a divisive public figure.

Was it Worth the Risk?

Will Heikkinen in Rhode Island believes this is a huge gamble on Nike’s part, because of the nation’s polarized views on the athlete.

On one hand of the spectrum, supporters are in favor of Kaepernick’s subtle yet influential protests (taking the knee on the NFL stage).

On the other side of the coin, millions believe this move is truly disrespectful to the flag and what Americans stand for as a whole.

After the news broke, fans and readers erupted with mixed reactions.

Observations on Social Media

Will Heikkinen football observed that the hashtags “Nike” and Colin “Kaepernick” dominated Twitter and other social media platforms.

Some fans were so displeased with the brand’s decision, they went as far as burning shoes and clothing with the label.

Based on scores of news articles screened, Nike knew beforehand the decision to use Colin Kaepernick would create a huge backlash.

Here’s a Quick Background on the Fallout

For readers who don’t already know, Nike is the official sponsor for NFL clothing gear. The NFL is the same organization Kaepernick is suing for grievance claims.

Of course, this is just a simplified way of summarizing a very complicated issue.

Will Heikkinen Football Asks the Tough Question:

Are you a longtime fan of Nike?

If so, does Nike’s ad featuring Colin Kaepernick influence your decision to buy Nike shoes and clothing in the future?

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