Will Heikkinen of Brown University: How to Prep for Hurricane Season

//Will Heikkinen of Brown University: How to Prep for Hurricane Season

The official Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 in 2018, according to FEMA. Though we haven’t had much activity so far, it’s always good to be prepared.

Football coach, Will Heikkinen in Rhode Island, shares some of his go-to tips for prepping for a hurricane.

  1. Protect Important Documents – To make the recovery process faster, be sure to protect important documents, such as passports, birth certificates, and SSN cards, for instance.

A low-cost option is placing these in a Ziploc bag to prevent water damage. If your budget allows, a better option would be a waterproof and fireproof safe. Consider SentrySafe, for example, which is sold for less than $50 on Amazon.

  1. Set Up an Evacuation Plan – In the event of a hurricane or any other natural disaster, the rule of thumb is to get out of harm’s way first. Things can always be replaced, but life can’t.

All local families should therefore discuss the best evacuation route, including step-by-step actions that should be taken by every member of the family should a storm hit.

Bonus Tip: Call your local city hall for help with mapping out the best evacuation route.

  1. Create an Emergency Fund – If your city or workplace sustains hurricane damage, an emergency fund helps to alleviate financial pressure. The funds offset the cost of temporary employment and housing.
  1. Download the FEMA App – Stay up-to-date of the latest weather alerts in your area by downloading the FEMA App here. Will Heikkinen in Massachusetts is an avid user of the app. He uses it as a gauge to determine if weather conditions are safe for play, especially during the winter and summer months.

Be Safe

If your state of residence is susceptible to tropical storm systems, William Heikkinen, once again, urges you to be safe by setting up a plan now.

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