William Heikkinen of Brown University: Must-Haves for Sports Moms

//William Heikkinen of Brown University: Must-Haves for Sports Moms

If you’re a sports mom, you know how quickly minor emergencies can pop up.

Will Heikkinen Massachusetts: Plan for the Unexpected

So, what’s the secret to keeping calm in the face of chaos?

It’s planning for the what-ifs.

In this post, William Heikkinen dishes on the must-haves for any sports mom – or dad:

Satisfy Cravings with a Stash of Snacks

Growling stomachs and tired athletes go hand in hand. As such, be sure to keep a small stash of healthy snacks on hand to curb hunger until you get home.

Some examples of healthy snacks that are perfect for post-game hunger are bananas, crackers, or protein bars, according to William Heikkinen football coach.

Quench Thirst with Small Bottles of Drinks

For an easy way to quench your little athlete’s thirst during and after practice, walk with chilled bottles of water or fruit juices.

Consider a Sports Pod for Bad Weather

No one can predict the weather, not even the famous Will Heikkinen Providence Rhode Island.

When the rain pours, however, you don’t need to be sidelined.

Thanks to cool new innovations, like SportsPod, which appeared on Shark Tank, you can shield yourself from sporadic downpours – or wind – and keep your game face on.

The pod can be folded or released on a whim. It provides room enough for one – with a chair if you choose. The SportsPod is also practical for the beach, picnic, or any other outdoor event.

Know Your First Aid

For the inevitable boo-boos that are sure to come, walk with a small first aid kit, complete with alcohol pads, Band-Aids, and more.

Will Heikkinen Football – A Pro Planner and Consultant

Will Heikkinen Brown understands what’s at stake for sports parents.

Therefore, he gladly shares practical advice from years of trials and errors.

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